by I Am The Agent

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released December 31, 2015

Recorded live in October of 2013 with Geoff Mullard at RTN studios in Newcastle, Australia. Overdubs at Le Garage Hermetique, 2014. Edited by Michael Gale. Mixed and mastered by Daniel Lambert 2014-2015. Released December 31, 2015.

All music written and arranged by I Am The Agent.
Michael, Daniel, Jason and Dylan.

With thanks to John, Cole, Joseph and Beau.

Lyrics by Michael Gale

Cover Artwork and Polaroids by Vanessa McCurry

Last gig ever photographs by Joe Andersons

Listen to Initials (RIP), Maids, régresser (RIP), Tired Minds,
Sinking Teeth, Solkyri & Sleepmakeswaves.

Oh Silence Record Co.

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I Am The Agent Newcastle, Australia

The band from Newcastle, Australia.

Michael, Daniel, Jason, Dylan.

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Track Name: Aokigahara
I’m simply searching for the song that’s gonna get me through the next hour at work
the job i can handle, i can’t handle losin’ all of my time
the weight and stress, i’ve been breaking-even debts suggest my kids do the same for their pride and self-respect

& i don’t profess to be any kind of model
I’m a poorly dressed pawn on a well-dressed chessboard
I won’t take it all out on my family and friends
no i won’t take it all out on my family and friends...

Production en masse! anxiety unmatched!
And not a single fuck was given that day!

Taxes are to worker as pollution is to sky
You’ve had a good enough day but you’ve missed all the sunshine
& I’d trade it all in just like anyone who’se faced
a crippling fear of the change but still imagines greener pastures

Hey ma! look what I can do! with both of my hands behind my back
and the key in my stomach!
blind-folded, & spun around three times I’ll still land this plane,
I’ve had a hundred percent success rate!

we’ve got teeth like gravestones
we’ve got mouths that water
we’ve things to mull over
we’ve left ribbons to follow
Track Name: Don't Just Lay There
Our teeth collide - instead our lips
Hands soaked with sweat on a dry and itchy face
My finger in your eyelid, my shoulder going numb
I’m tangled in your hair and nervously pulling on it
Like a child would do with their parents’ wrist

I’m thinkin’ do something
You’re fakin’ something you once did
I did something like that as well
and this somethings nothin’ like that something is

Our teeth collide - instead our lips
I’ve met your eyes and a bruise on your hip
I lower myself down like an old pile of bricks
Operated by crane so you’re gonna feel the weight

Yesterday I felt the weather change, it makes you a different person
You can feel it in your fingertips aligning with everything
the difference in temperature makes it effortless
and yesterday I felt the weather change and change back again
and by tomorrow I’ll be thinkin’ about everyone else

Do something!
Track Name: Birds In My Mouth
There are birds in my mouth, tied down by their feet to the perch on my tongue
They cannot flap around & their beaks are wired shut so they can’t sing out
They’re caged in my teeth
They’ve no concept of the beauty they wold find if they were free
they make it hard to breathe
If I swallow too hard they start to drown inside me

There are bugs in my skin that made nests and homes
& they moved all their stuff in
Got all their friends to help them out and so to thank them
for months the bugs have slept on the couch

If you wanna live in this house... we’ve got important things to talk about
and when the truth comes out you can speak to the birds in my mouth

You gotta help me straighten out
I’m drunk and I’m burnin’ out
but you can turn it all around, we’ll laugh until our teeth fall out

Our teeth fall out, our teeth fall out

If I’m dreaming of spitting out my teeth,
and you give me a reason to speak
if you force me to stop counting sheep,
I will.
Track Name: Praise The Creator
tiny people walking in rows
tiny fingers. tiny toes.

Praise the creator for blessing the soil
Praise the creator for keeping our stomachs full
Praise the creator for ending our suffering
Praise the creator for giving us everything we need

shine those shackles get down on your knees
confess to him everything you confessed to me

Praise the creator
Praise the creator
Praise the creator
Praise the creator

Praise the creator!
Praise the creator!
Praise the creator!
Praise the creator!

Praise the creator
Praise the creator
Praise the creator
Praise the creator
Praise the creator
Praise the creator
Praise the creator
Praise the creator
Don’t you wanna praise the creator with me?
Track Name: I Fell In A Hole
Do you feel frazzled this week? Like you’re wasting your time?
Like you can’t get on with anyone, unless you stay drunk?
Well walk over to the bar & pour into your mouth
The comforting milk from the tits of your mother

A moral compass like a Ferris wheel covered in lights.
it’s just a ride that leads you safely round and back to real life
Don’t stop being selfish, no, do what you like.
No rules to abide means no tantrums tonight.

Skin, contact, it makes no connection
You Sartre, me Seinfeld, you Patti, me PJ
I’m open, adjusted, good at real life
You concept, you theory, me fragile, you wise

Me porous, soaking, leeching, bleeding sponge
You torment, you naked, you itch I can’t reach.

I’m just bitter like I always was.

I feel older lately, like my time’s been tickin’ out
& each step I take is one that I will never take back

So i’ll run.