Birds In My Mouth

from by I Am The Agent



There are birds in my mouth, tied down by their feet to the perch on my tongue
They cannot flap around & their beaks are wired shut so they can’t sing out
They’re caged in my teeth
They’ve no concept of the beauty they wold find if they were free
they make it hard to breathe
If I swallow too hard they start to drown inside me

There are bugs in my skin that made nests and homes
& they moved all their stuff in
Got all their friends to help them out and so to thank them
for months the bugs have slept on the couch

If you wanna live in this house... we’ve got important things to talk about
and when the truth comes out you can speak to the birds in my mouth

You gotta help me straighten out
I’m drunk and I’m burnin’ out
but you can turn it all around, we’ll laugh until our teeth fall out

Our teeth fall out, our teeth fall out

If I’m dreaming of spitting out my teeth,
and you give me a reason to speak
if you force me to stop counting sheep,
I will.


from Four, released December 31, 2015



all rights reserved


I Am The Agent Newcastle, Australia

The band from Newcastle, Australia.

Michael, Daniel, Jason, Dylan.

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