Volume One

by I Am The Agent

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released August 30, 2010

songs written by Michael Gale, between 2007-2010.

Drums recorded late 2009 at Niagara Park Music Rehearsal Facility,
with two microphones, an mbox and an iMac.

Guitar, Vocals and Bass recorded mid 2010 in Michael's Bedroom.
Edited, Mixed and Mastered in Michael's Bedroom.

I Am The Agent is:

Michael Gale - guitar, vocals
Daniel Lambert - guitar
John Lambert - drums

Vanessa McCurry - art design
Jacob Hegarty - roadie, videography

Oh, Silence Records



all rights reserved


I Am The Agent Newcastle, Australia

The band from Newcastle, Australia.

Michael, Daniel, Jason, Dylan.

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Track Name: Melodramatic Popular Song
"Melodramatic Popular Song"

She’s a monk on fire in protest only smoking whilst the cameras aim her way
An empire that burst to flame to find itself alone in her head space
She gives a piece of herself to everyone she meets to slowly reel you in
But she falls out of love with everything

She’s got ancient beliefs under off white sheets
she gets caught up and lies too much an orchestrated scientific mind
An iron door for fire fights - A curtain call for basic human rights
She’s open ripe and waiting to begin

The insect sting that burns through clothes leaves you left out.
The perfect alibi to get you back home.
It sinks through the skin and tricks your bones and sucks out all the marrow
Sabotaging sleep patterns to keep you up… and walking around…

If somebody trusts you when you lie
Then nobody greets you when you die
If nobody sees you when you show
Then nobody knows you when you go

If no one believes you when you lie
Then angels will greet you when you die
If nobody sees you when you show
Then nobody knows you…at all
Track Name: Explode

Your pockets get lined with sand when you're swimming.
Just brother’s way out in the surf.
and the man that witnessed your birth is dying from laughing.
he's happy you’re not hurt.

And it’s only important to the people who love you that you live at all.

And every time your heart skips or slows
He gets scared and he sweats with a nervous cough

He gets a lump in his throat when he knows that you’re close.
So he closes his eyes and as he prays to his God you explode.
Track Name: Leave

I'm a tree branch, giving out about a year ago
a source of no emotion, I'm a lover with a ghost
It trails behind me everywhere, I try to follow,
I can't afford a thousand pills, if I could I'd swallow them whole

I take my time. Let them all dissolve.
I take my time. I fall down right.

You're a waterfall evaporating into the sky,
a sheet of vapour I can watch as it goes dancing by
I have not got a soul.

I'm a skeleton with wires binding up my joints,
a piece of rotten meat - stuck inside a lion's throat.
I have not got a soul.

I'm just waiting for a chance to expose
a little lie that I told to keep you close
and I wanted you, but the victory wasn't sweet
when I got you. So I want you...

I want you to leave.
Track Name: Psychology

You see me across the room
I’m sitting across from you
God told me to fly toward the sun

Got our feet off the ground,
Got our feet off the ground,
The ocean drank my bones and now they’re all dried up

My mouth always saying no

My mouth always saying no
her body always saying yes
My mind is well trained, I trained it well
My mind is well trained, I trained it well

So I'm not surprised,
I'm shocked and shattered
My mouth always saying no.