Volume Three

by I Am The Agent

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released January 13, 2012

Recorded at The Batcave, Raymond Terrace, except 'Drown' which was recorded at Brinkworth, Newcastle.

Very special thanks to Nikki Fitzsummons, Mark Whittaker, Dylan Mcrae, Beau Charman, Andrew Clipsham and Vanessa McCurry, for lending gear, lending time, or lending ears.

I Am The Agent is:

Michael Gale
Daniel Lambert
Jason Breen
John Lambert

Oh, Silence Records



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I Am The Agent Newcastle, Australia

The band from Newcastle, Australia.

Michael, Daniel, Jason, Dylan.

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Track Name: Drown
I hate this town and every memory I have
when I found out it was meaningless it broke me
so I'm taking it all back and I'm building something else
out of the sacrifice I made for you, like bricks in the sand

Nothing is wrong, not really

I wanna burn it down, I wanna watch the people drown,
I want the smoke in the sky, I want the rubble on the ground,
I wanna make you feel bad, I want the children in the dirt,
I want the blood on my fingers, but I don't want it to hurt.

Nothing is wrong, not really
Track Name: An Anchor
you are an anchor
you are a chain
you are a rope knotted firmly 'round my throat, choking me

you are an insect
you are a worm
you are a bug in my brain, to my thoughts you listen in

I always wanna put myself in harms way
I always wanna choke myself 'till I fall asleep

Sink to the bottom of the sea
All of my friends watching me sing
Sink to the bottom of the sea
Concrete, concrete on my feet
Track Name: Hands
a funeral was not the end for you
they buried you alive
you scratched with your nails
until you got through, one inch of dirt at a time

I've been waiting a long time for you to come back home.

They tied you to a wall in the middle of your town
the sun would melt you down. Nothing can soak through, nothing touches you, you're invisible.

Keep your hands around my neck.
Track Name: Alaska
I am not a good friend
I am not a good sun
I am not a husband
I would be a bad one

laying in the tall grass
watching all the birds fly
better places to go... nests to build...

If I dig a hole and stand inside it, would you fill it to my neck?
Grab yourself a shovel and help me live again.

Ashes form a pile outside
we've been burnin' folks alive
tightly squeeze their necks and
trap the screams inside

...and you can't hide.

I don't think I know you
I don't think I need to
I got what I came for
I got what I need