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I’m simply searching for the song that’s gonna get me through the next hour at work
the job i can handle, i can’t handle losin’ all of my time
the weight and stress, i’ve been breaking-even debts suggest my kids do the same for their pride and self-respect

& i don’t profess to be any kind of model
I’m a poorly dressed pawn on a well-dressed chessboard
I won’t take it all out on my family and friends
no i won’t take it all out on my family and friends...

Production en masse! anxiety unmatched!
And not a single fuck was given that day!

Taxes are to worker as pollution is to sky
You’ve had a good enough day but you’ve missed all the sunshine
& I’d trade it all in just like anyone who’se faced
a crippling fear of the change but still imagines greener pastures

Hey ma! look what I can do! with both of my hands behind my back
and the key in my stomach!
blind-folded, & spun around three times I’ll still land this plane,
I’ve had a hundred percent success rate!

we’ve got teeth like gravestones
we’ve got mouths that water
we’ve things to mull over
we’ve left ribbons to follow


from Four, released December 31, 2015



all rights reserved


I Am The Agent Newcastle, Australia

The band from Newcastle, Australia.

Michael, Daniel, Jason, Dylan.

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